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My goal as a coach is to find your strengths and accentuate them, while also discovering weaknesses that can be corrected to reach more potential.  Often when you are in the trenches of Real Estate, it is easy to have blinders on while dealing with the day to day issues, and miss these points.  I call this working IN your business and not ON your business.

As an educated third party, looking in from the outside, I help raise your level of proficiency to get the results you desire.  We can have excuses or we can have results.  We can’t have both.

We get focus by creating a strong business plan and then put systems, tools and scripts in place to get us to that goal.  You – and only you – are able to set your goals.  As your coach, you can expect me to hold you accountable to your goals.  Sometimes that might be a tough conversation, but if your goals are important to you, then you will want me to hold you accountable to them.

As your coach I will help you:

  • Think bigger.  We often put limits on ourselves because we are afraid we might fail, or we don’t know anyone who has achieved that level of success, or maybe someone else told us we couldn’t do it.  This is the glass ceiling we must break through if we want to achieve more success than we have ever dreamed of.
  • Stop wasting time.  As a rule, the time we allot to a task will be filled by that task.  For example, if we allot two hours to enter a listing into the MLS, then it will take the full two hours.  If we give ourselves 45 minutes for that same task, it will take us 45 minutes.
  • Have a life outside of work.  Your life in Real Estate should fund the life you want to have with your family and friends.  There MUST be a balance.  A guy I once heard speak said, “You want to help the poor, right?  Then you must come from amongst them.”  In order to truly have a life worth living, we need to get clear on why we are doing this job.  I believe with a big enough WHY we can achieve anything!
“There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and cost of comfortable inaction.” -John F. Kennedy


ONE-On-ONE Live Coaching $649 per Month
  • 1/2 hour each week, live, one-on-one, with your Coach
  • Coaching by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout
  • Full access to the Video Coaching Library
  • Email access to your Real Estate Agent Coach

Most people choose this package for success in Real Estate.

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Live Group Coaching $299 per Month
  • 1-hour each week in a live group coaching session (limit 8 participants per group)
  • Coaching by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout
  • Full access to the Video Coaching Library
  • Email access to your Coach
  • 1/2-hour per month in a live, one-on-one session with your coach, as needed. (Determined by coach and client.)

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(Everyone can use additional help and coaching on implementing their prospecting strategies. Head on over to the Success Planning page, for more details on the 3-Legged Stool of Prospecting Success Planning.)



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