Watching a Real Estate implosion right in front of our eyes!

Ok, today this implosion is not in our yard but it is right in our back yard!  The Canadian housing market has been on a steady rise for Many MANY years.  Shockingly to many.  But year after year the price of homes keep rising. I often wondered did they just figure something out that we […]

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You Did What?

This was such a great story about doing thing different to be a difference maker, that I wanted to share it with you.  This goes to prove if you do things the same as other average agents you will be average.  If you want to be exceptional you must do exceptional things.  It reminds me […]

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Showing Time Report on Average Number of Showings to Share with your Sellers

  Watch the video to learn how to find the average number of showings for properties similar to your listing.  This will be great information to share with your listing client to know if you are ahead or behind on showings.  If you are behind it means buyer’s agents and clients are finding better value […]

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New Closing Gift Ideas

Here is a closing gift idea for you. Debbie and I have implemented this in our business. It is high quality and the branding is very good. The good news is it is also advertising and should be a 100% tax write off. Please consult your CPA. PS At closing when Debbie gave her client […]

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